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The Unicorn drinking water from the Rainbow

The magic of the Unicorn and to observe him drinking water from the Rainbow has been a great joy for me.
I have never drawn a Unicorn before and it has been a wonderful and magical experience.



Animation. A day in the life of marriage Arnolfini

Animation to recreate the famous Flemish painting of the fifteenth century, the portrait of Arnolfini marriage.
Giovanni Arnolfini, an important Italian merchant married to Giovanna Cenami, lived in the city of Bruges
with a little naughty dog   :)

It's fun to see what happens in Arnolfini's bedroom, moments before the visit arrives.
From the cute cubisan world by karumina


Drawing something about the Ancient Egypt

Drawing something about the Ancient Egypt and enjoying with the palette of colors.

Work in Progress "A Christmas Carol"

Sunny days and hot temperature this summer working on a Xmas Project: A Christmas Carol by Dickens.
This is a provisional cover with Ebenezer Scrooge from cubisanworld.


My first Picture Book about The Story of Christmas & Advent Calendar with Stickers

The first Children´s book illustrated and designed by KaruminaMy first book of Advent/ Mi Primer Libro de Adviento published by San Pablo Editorial for this Christmas 2016.
  • A beautiful cardboard and die book that tells The Story of Christmas in 50 pages full of color, happiness and cute.
  • Also includes:
    • an Advent Calendar with stickers, in the last double page.
    • a Christmas greeting card.
    • a Letter for the Three Kings.
 Happy days!

Mi primer libro de Adviento