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Mary Poppins

Very creative days, I had fun drawing Mary Poppins.
The sketchbook grows every day and then I have a great time coloring in Photoshop.

The details like the hat pin, the crochet gloves, the parrot umbrella, the boots and the magical travel bag, they
have made me really enjoy drawing this illustration.

I developed the composition with Mary Poppins in the foreground, above the clouds,
fly over the Park with Victorian houses and arrives to the children's house... where Bert, his friend, the chimney sweep greets her from the roof.



Altamira Caves and The family of "Lo"

I am enjoying a lot drawing these illustrations traveling to the Ice Age, for a personal project.

The family of "Lo"

I found a pretty adventurous and very strong family. The family of "Lo". They live in the Altamira Caves and have everything they could wish for. They hunt and fish, they give thanks to the gods of Nature, the grandfather is the Shaman and and recently they have found babies of "Teeth of Sable" some "very tender kittens" ... they have a big Mammoth since he was little and he helps them in the housework, for example go for wood for the harsh winter. They like animals so much and are thinking about becoming vegetarians!
Hope you enjoy!
A small "Saber Tooth", sweet Smilodon, has gotten a ribey.

Lo's wife, making fire.
Paintings at the entrance to the Cave.
Entrance of the cave protected with prehistoric fur cloak to avoid the harsh winter.

The pantry filled with beautiful prehistoric pottery and Protective Idol of the Shaman, the Grandfather.

The brave Grandfather, Shaman of the family with his prehistoric "Baton of control" watching
the Paintings of Bison on the rocks of the Cave of Altamira.


"Lo" and his mammoth collecting firewood for the harsh winter of the Ice Age

Life of the prehistoric man in the Ice Age.
The great "Lo" and his mammoth collecting firewood under the blizzard

Detail: "Lo" the ice age man is protected with prehistoric amulets and tattoos of Nature


Detail: Little "Lo" with his new friend "Sabertooth cat"

Working in the Prehistoric Ice Age. WIP.
Detail: Little "Lo" with his new friend "Sabertooth cat", son of the great "Smilodon".


Ice Age and Caves of Altamira. Sketches

Work in progress.
Sketches for illustrations dedicated to the Ice Age and the Caves of Altamira.

Primitive child, Prehistoric shaman, Prehistoric Stone Axe, Idols prehistorics...


Happy Holy Week

Illustration inspired by this Holy Week, last Palm Sunday and childhood memories with my brother and sister and the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Palm Sunday. Let the children come to Me


Dancing at the Court

At the end I upload this illustration. With it I began to draw in this style and technique and I see that it gives me many expressive possibilities. Love it!
I really enjoyed drawing the details and fantasy of fairy tales with princes and princesses.
Detail: Portrait

Dancing at the Court

Detail: Prince Costume

Detail: Princess Costume

Detail: Fashionable Prince Shoes of the 18th

Detail: Fashionable Princess Shoes of the 18th


Knife Thrower and the Brave Young Lady

Under the lights of the Big Top Circus we present the most famous Knife Thrower and the Brave Young Lady... on the Wheel.

The most famous Knife Thrower and the Brave Young Lady... on the Wheel.

Detail: the Brave Young Lady Costume

Detail: Brave Lady Shoes

Knife thrower costume

Detail: Cowboy Boots


Automaton Chess Player

Drawing this sketch while i was reading a book based on an automaton that played chess built by von Kempelen. The Great Chess Automaton was a wooden figure dressed in Turkish clothes.
Enjoying drawing it in two styles.



Circus: "The Greatest Show on Earth"

I am working on some Circus scenes.

First sketches, then playing with color and I have discovered that "The Greatest Show on Earth" it is more than I always thought.

Now I understand the passion my sister felt for the life of the Circus. And... It's Freedom.

 Cowgirl and Pink Elephant under the Big Top Circus

Sketch: Cowgirl and Pink Elephant


Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus under the lamppost

This cold weather has made me travel to Narnia and I really enjoyed!
When Lucy meets Mr. Tumnus under the lamppost.


Magic lessons with Merlin and little Arthur

Magic lessons with Merlin and young Arthur.

I've been experimenting with new techniques for a while.
Every day I draw the sketch of an idea and then I draw it and color it with Photoshop, new textures and a new style. I really like the process and the finished illustration.

I hope to upload more scenes and new characters soon.

Magic lessons with Merlin and young Arthur.


The Unicorn drinking water from the Rainbow

The magic of the Unicorn and to observe him drinking water from the Rainbow has been a great joy for me.
I have never drawn a Unicorn before and it has been a wonderful and magical experience.